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Remedial Massage Supporting Townsville’s Athletes

Give your body the care it needs to perform strongly and recover properly. Kirwan Complete Care offers a range of massage services designed to help athletes in every sport and discipline feel better and do better. Performed by one of our talented massage therapists, we can help get your body ready for your next event or assisting in recovery from a sports injury or over-exertion after a competition.

We want to make taking care of your body available to every athlete, helping you keep your mobility high and achieving a reduction in pain whether you’re heading into or out of a major event. Many of our services are partially or fully claimable through your health fund, making it an accessible option for people across the region. Start a conversation with our therapists today to learn more.

Providing the help you need to perform

Our sports massages are tailored to your specific point in your training regime. Whether you’re a triathlete looking to increase blood circulation and warm tissue ahead of a race, or a weightlifter who’s just finished a competition and needs to flush lactic and uric acid from your muscles, we can assist.

Sports massage involves the use of vigorous, fast techniques designed to stimulate circulation as well as muscle and other soft tissue. Pressure varies depending on the goals of the massage and the current training load of the athlete. It can also be combined with remedial massage during taper periods ahead of endurance events, helping you move into your competition feeling flexible and energised.

The right choice for every body

Kirwan Complete Care helps people from every walk and life feel their best with professionally-administered services. With the assistance of an experienced sports chiropractor, we’ll help you overcome injury and manage chronic pain, helping you enhance your quality of life.

Discuss your needs with us today and find out how we can support you in reaching your health and fitness goals. Send us a message via our contact form or call us directly on (07) 4799 6797 with any questions and we’ll be happy to help.


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