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Kirwan Complete Care is situated conveniently in the heart of Townsville. Our philosophy is to form partnerships with you so that we can proactively meet your health goals.

Our point of difference is that we actively care about you and this is reflected in our excellent client service. Our clients come to us with specific sports injuries, headaches, migraines, back and neck pain, shoulder and knee pain and other associated problems.

We care for adults from all areas of the work place, home makers, elite athletes and children. Our practice embraces a broad spectrum of health care, encompassing chiropractic, physiotherapy, general practitioner services, remedial and sports massage. Advice on diet and exercise are also supportive services we offer.

The positive healing focus our engaging team creates, generates a fantastic healing environment. If you require a referral to another practitioner for your problem, it is usually handled within our practice making it a hassle-free experience.

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How can a Chiropractor help you?

A good chiro will be able to assess your individual situation, your body’s needs and affected areas, and put into action a care plan that will help you gain greater mobility and flexibility. We assess your musculoskeletal and nervous systems to gather information about any problems that may be present, and then come up with a plan to get everything back on track.

With your medical history, a thorough examination and xrays when required, we can give you a full picture of where your health is currently, and see how we can bring about benefits for you.

Help with long standing ailments

If you are suffering with long standing ailments, like headaches, back pain or knee pain, chiropractic care can bring about great results in a short time frame. For people with long-term injuries, chronic joint pain or more serious sports injuries, you may need a longer time frame to allow your body to heal and repair.

As an Australian trained Chiropractor, with a European Master’s degree in Physiotherapy also, Dr Paul has a thorough understanding of the way the body moves and works. He uses solid, research backed methods to keep your body active and pain free for longer. 

With the use of proven, evidence based, non‐surgical procedures like Active Release Technique (ART), spinal and joint manipulation and mobilisation, you can gain greater movement and function. Your aches and pains will be significantly reduced, helping you to discover a better quality of life. 

Care plans tailored to suit you!

Our chiropractors, physios and massager therapists tailor our care plans to meet your needs and to your budget, to ensure you get the best possible care without outlaying too much. When you are in a health fund, you can claim back a part, or all of the treatment costs depending on the level of cover you have.

There is nothing to stop you increasing your wellness and living better.


Complete care and wellbeing for Townsville

Our office setup has all the equipment required to do a thorough examination of your condition and manage the ongoing care plan required to meet your needs. We provide specialised physiotherapy and chiropractic care, and are supported by an outstanding remedial massage therapist.

This enables us to guarantee how easy it is with our proven techniques to support you in getting well and staying well. You will have an enjoyable time when you visit our practice. Our goal is to get results in the easiest matter possible.


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