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The team at Kirwan Complete Care are experienced and dedicated to helping you get the best out of life by increasing your mobility and flexibility, alongside a reduction of pain through a positive healing focus. We assess your individual needs and address the specific areas that will give you the greatest benefit.

Our team is made up of Dr. Paul Klich and Helena Elkin, our chiropractic assistant.

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Kirwan Complete Care loves to support our patients to get healthier, fitter and see them achieve their fitness goals.

We are firm believers in the quality of listening, providing high quality professional advice, expert diagnosis and solid care plans. We treat the cause of the problem not just its consequence and would rather prevent a problem than wait for it to happen.

Passionate about quality, rather than quantity and are delighted to meet and help you on your road to recovery.

Dr Paul Kirwan Complete Care TownsvilleDr Paul Klich


Dr Paul Klich is an immensely dedicated and unique healthcare provider, in that he combines his chiropractic and physiotherapy knowledge to provide a more complete “whole-of-health” approach for every patient he cares for. Paul earned a Masters of Chiropractic from Macquarie University in Sydney in 2011 and a Master of Physiotherapy in Poland in 1998.

His genuine caring, easy-to-talk-to manner and meticulous approach to each patients special needs, quickly engenders a solid trust relationship with every patient and creates an easy, low-stress experience for the whole family.

Dr Paul has always held a fascination with Australia and its people and finally realised his lifelong dream of living in Australia in 2011. Paul found his home in Townsville, Queensland and has been helping runners, swimmers, triathletes , sport teams and whole families ever since. He particularly enjoys helping athletes to reach their full potential.

On 16 of January 2016 Paul and his wife Agnes welcomed their first child, a beautiful little girl Shaleen to be a new member of Townsville community.

Paul Klich is constantly upgrading his knowledge so he can continuously improve the overall experience for his patients.

For example, through postgraduate education in Trigenics, gaining membership in the International Federation of Sports Chiropractic (FICS) and gaining his qualification in Active Release Technique (ART). He is one of the few people in North Queensland with full body ART qualifications.

*Disclaimer:Dr Paul Klich is not registered physiotherapist in Australia

Helena Kirwan Complete CareHelena Elkin

Chiropractic Assistant
Practice Manager

Helena and her family have been established in Townsville now for six years after fourteen years of living in various cities due to her husband Aaron being apart of the of Australian Defence Force. Helena and Aaron have four children who love Townsville and are active members of the community through various sporting programs.

Everyone knows Helena by her warm friendly disposition and she loves to make people feel welcome as soon as they walk through the door. Without a doubt Helena is highly organized and ensures the practice is running smoothly on a daily basis.

As a patient who has been greatly helped by Chiropractic and Physiotherapy treatment after a cleaning injury, Helena found her back pain and constant headaches are now a thing of the past. She found an amazing caring Chiropractor and Physiotherapist who adjusted and stretched her spine.

This was supported by an exercise program, and she was then encouraged to start up her running again and to find ways of reducing her stress.

Helena started her care program with regular visits and now maintains her new found body balance with monthly care. She has noticed how her posture has improved, her body is now in perfect alignment and she is no longer having headaches and her back has increased in strength through her exercise program and she has no trouble with the lower back area.

She is also a busy mum who enjoys doing running, yoga, watching her children play basketball, swim, watching footy and doing fun family things together.

Helena looks forward to meeting you and caring for all of your needs when you visit for your appointments.

Cheryl Lowe

Yoga and Pilates instructor

Cheryl is trained in Power Vinyasa Yoga and Mat-based Pilates and is passionate about sharing the many benefits - physical, mental and emotional - of both modalities with her clients. Cheryl knows first hand the many benefits of combining chiropractic treatment  and massage therapy with a regular Yoga and/or Pilates routine to promote a healthy, flexible, strong body and calm mind.

Cheryl offers small group classes, private mobile classes, corporate sessions and sporting team sessions. To view the current timetable please visit or contact Cheryl on 0418 259 376 or ask our friendly staff at Kirwan Complete Care.


Monique Hawkins

Massage therapist


Bonita Barwick




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