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Tips on improving your health

1.Reduce Pain

Dry needling relieves pain by treating muscle trigger points-these are taut bands that develop within a muscle that can occur in cases of both acute and chronic pain (commonly reffered to as "knots")

2.Reduce Muscle Tension

Dry needling will relax tight muscle bands and increase range of motion in joints.

3.Speed up the recovery process/Improve healing

Clients who undergo dry needling therapy experience less pain quickly;in fact ,most patients feel the benefits immediately after their first treatment

For example, dry needling can be used to assist in the recovery of acute sprains and strains.

4.Tissue Regeneration

Dry needling assist in muscle regeneration following injury

5.Improved Sleep and Relaxation

Many clients often report that they sleep extraordinarily well after a dry needling session. This is due to the release of serotonin during dry needling.

6.Improves Movement

Research shows that patients undergoing dry needling therapy in conjunction with movement-based therapy ,experience more sluid movement . It supports the use of dry needling in elite athletes during a competitive phase with short-term pain relief and improved function in injuries.



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